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KC-7 Deluxe


KC-7 Deluxe
KC-7 Deluxe KC-7 Deluxe KC-7 Deluxe KC-7 Deluxe

The KC-7 Deluxe playground will transform your backyard into a spectacular playtime arena. The tower system boasts dual avalanche slides connected to a five foot high deck. It then incorporates a lemonade stand, bubble panel, ship's wheel, and flat step ladder for tower access. The three position swing beam holds a belt swing, a rubber infant swing and glider. This deluxe playset offers endless ways to foster super-sized imaginations.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 18'w x 16'd x 13'h

TOWER: 5' x 5' deck

  • ACCESS: Flat Step Ladder w/ Access Railing
  • ROOF: 5'x 10' Canvas w/ Flags

SLIDE: (2) 10' Avalanche Slide

SWING BEAM: 3 Position Single Beam

SWINGS: Belt Swing, Rubber Infant Swing, Plastic Glider w/ Adapter


FUN ITEMS:  Bubble Panel, 2' x 5' Lemonade Stand, Ship's Wheel, Megaphone