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C-5 Castle


C-5 Castle
C-5 Castle C-5 Castle C-5 Castle C-5 Castle

This is the perfect playset for your little prince or princess. The Castle playhouse connects to a tower and bridge, providing an ideal vantage point to survey the kingdom. The ten foot wave slide, belt swing, trapeze, plastic glider, and picnic table add an element of noble fun. 

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 23'w x 20'd x 10'h

TOWER: 5' x 5' Deck, 6' x 8' Base, 5' x 6' Playhouse w/ 3' x 6' Porch, 2 Windows w/ Screens & Shutters

  • DECK HEIGHT: (2) 5'
  • ACCESS: (2) Flat Step Ladder w/ Access Railing

SLIDE: 10' Wave Slide

ROOF: 5' x 5' Pyramid

CONNECTOR: 8' Bridge with Rope

SWINGS: Belt Swing, Trapeze, Plastic Glider


SWING BEAM: 3 Position Climber

FUN ITEM: 5' x 6' Picnic Table, Ship's Wheel, Telescope, Spotlight