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A-7 Deluxe


A-7 Deluxe
A-7 Deluxe A-7 Deluxe A-7 Deluxe A-7 Deluxe

The A-7 Deluxe playground offers two towers connected by an eight foot bridge. Climb up one of the flat step ladders to see a new world through the bubble panel. Then, slide down the wave slide. Once on the ground, relax at the picnic table or sift through the sandbox. This playset include a four position swing beam with monkey bars plus a belt swing, trapeze, rubber infant swing, and deluxe horse rider. 

OVERALL DIMENSIONS:27w x 21'd x 11'h

TOWER: (2) 4' x 4' Deck

  • ACCESS: (2) Flat Step Ladder w/ Access Railing
  • ROOF: 4' x 4' Pyramid
CONNECTOR: 8' Bridge w/ Rope

    SLIDE: 10' Wave Slide

    SWING BEAM: 4 Position Climber

    SWINGS: Belt Swing, Trapeze, Deluxe Horse Rider, Rubber Infant Swing

    ANCHORS: 2

    FUN ITEMS: Bubble Panel, Ship's Wheel, 4' x 4' Picnic Table, Binoculars