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#941 Happy Train Daze

#941 Happy Train Daze



Put your kids into a 'happy train daze' by adding this train playset to your backyard. Their imaginations will be heightened as they steer their Choo Choo Engine down the tracks or peer through their Periscope. Gliding happily on the Horse Glider or climbing skillfully up the Rock Climb—your kids while have the time of their lives playing on this swing set each day. Hand Grips and Hand Rails will provide a safer climbing experience as they climb aboard their train.

  • Choo Choo Engine
  • Easy Ride Attachment Beam (4 position)
  • Trapeze w/ Rings
  • 2 Sling Swings
  • Horse Glider
  • 10' Scoop Wave Slide
  • 4' Rock Climb
  • 5' Ladder
  • 2 Chairs
  • Steering Wheel
  • Periscope
  • Hand Rails
  • Hand Grips
  • 29' x 15'
  • Floor Heights = 4' & 5'