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#903 Fair Weather Friend
#903 Fair Weather Friend

#903 Fair Weather Friend



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When the skies are fair let your children hurry into the sunshine with their chums to the Fair Weather Friend Playset. Their playtime can set out to sea with a run up the Gang Plank to the Ship’s Wheel and Telescope. While floating on a sea of bliss they can gather around the Children’s Round Table and Chairs inside the Yacht to sketch scenes of faraway lands. The 10’ Scoop Wave Slide leads back to port with its Sling Swings, Horse Glider, and Trapeze with Rings. This friendly Yacht and accessories opens a world of exciting possibilities.

  • Baby Yacht
  • Easy Ride Attachment Beam (4 position)
  • Trapeze w/ Rings
  • 2 Sling Swings
  • Horse Glider
  • 10' Scoop Wave Slide
  • 10' Gang Plank
  • 4' Rock Climb
  • 4' Ladder
  • Child's Round Table & Chairs
  • Ship's Wheel
  • Telescope
  • Hand Rails
  • 3 Flags
  • 28' x 19'
  • Floor Heights = 4' & 5'
  • Swing Height = 8'