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#705 Prince's Exercise Station - Poly

#705 Prince's Exercise Station - Poly



This Prince’s Exercise Station Swing Set creates an ideal play area for your adored youngsters. Gliding through the air on the Sling Swings and Trapeze and designing little kingdoms in the Sandbox are only the beginnings of a fun day in the great outdoors. The play set also includes a 12’ Gang Plank leading to a second floor play room with its fun Super Scope and Steering Wheel. From there they can take the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide or go adventuring down the Rock Wall. With a play set like this, your children can feel like little princes and princesses!

  • 5' King's Tower
  • King's Tower Canopy
  • Easy Ride Disc Swing Attachment Beam
  • 2 Sling Swings
  • Trapeze w/ Rings
  • Hammock Swing
  • 10' Scoop Wave Slide
  • 12' Gang Plank
  • 5' Rock Climb
  • Sandbox Cover
  • Steering Wheel
  • Super Scope
  • 2 Flags
  • 22' x 18.5'
  • Floor Height = 5'
  • Swing Height = 8'