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#415 Hours of Fun

#415 Hours of Fun



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Encourage your children’s health and imagination to flourish with the Hours of Fun Wood Swing Set. Let them pump back and forth on the Sling Swings and Tire Swing, try acrobatic maneuvers on the Trapeze with Rings and create sandcastle masterpieces in the Sandbox. Keep the sand clean and ready for next time with the Sandbox Cover. They’ll enjoy running up the 10’ Gang Plank to play with the Steering Wheel and Telescope before catching a ride down the 10’ Wave Slide. Add either a Cargo Net, Pipe Climb, or Rock Climb to their climbing attempts. This set has a vibrant Double Canopy with three Flags over the playrooms.



  • Deluxe Watch Tower
  • Double Canopy
  • Easy Ride Attachment Beam (3 position)
  • Low Ride Tire Swing Attachment Beam
  • Trapeze w/ Rings
  • 2 Sling Swings
  • Molded Tire Swing
  • 10' Wave Slide
  • 10' Gang Plank
  • 5' Cargo Net
  • 4' Ladder
  • Sandbox Cover
  • Steering Wheel
  • Telescope
  • Hand Rails
  • 3 Flags


  • 32 x 17'
  • Floor Height = 4' & 5'
  • Swing Height = 7' & 8'